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Meditation and Big Buddha Cigars

Originally posted on The Huffington Post “HuffPo/50” – May 2013 My friend Michelle is driving with me to the doctor. From the moment we leave my driveway, we are awkwardly chit-chatting, bouncing erratically from topic to topic unable to resolve … Continue reading

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Thanks. Giving.

About ten years ago my brother stopped giving Christmas gifts in the traditional sense. While the rest of our family dutifully perused catalogs, shopped on-line or pressed on through cranky mall crowds bulging with holiday-gift-stress, my brother Victor was carefully selecting farm animals. Whole, live, farm animals. … Continue reading

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The Rally to Restore Sanity: Fear Not

Yes, I was there.  I was one of at least 225,000 people wandering around the National Mall in the bright October sun with a silly grin on my face (and “Love Train” stuck in my head) earnestly asking, “What just … Continue reading

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Launch Party

Launching the first post for judesthinkin from my office at Green Acres in New England! Trying to get acquainted with WordPress and the concept that something I write can be viewed by anyone on the planet earth. The Launch Party will begin fairly subdued; … Continue reading

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